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De'Andrea is a well-versed blogger and emerging author. She is a mentor, speaker and has been internationally featured on multiple occasions. De’Andrea has a heart for people and wanting them to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ. She has a unique way of encouraging and challenging everyone that she meets to first acknowledge where they are in life, but more importantly understand how they got there. Her vision is to uncover and help you evaluate the root issues in your life, so that healing can finally take place. Only then, can you successfully move forward to reach your God-Ordained destiny. She works with teens, young adults and women in helping them discover their true identity in the Lord and to boldly walk in it.

De'Andrea has an earned degree from the University of Phoenix. In her professional career, she has worked with government organizations, 500 Companies, & Non-Profits such as Dream Week which is a 12 Day experience that hosts 100's of events and 1000's of people from across the nation. She was given the distinct honor to speak to at-risk youth and adults with a message of inspiration and encouragement that was well received and raved about. When De'Andrea is not operating her organization or traveling the country, she spends time with family and attending/serving in her local church.  


“Looking For A Quick Fix Will Leave You Broken. Pursuing Jesus Will Leave You Whole.”

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